Sports Association

The current committee/association was elected in June 2009 and it functions as a policy maker, financial budgeter, facility management and rental, and event development in the area of Sports. It consists of five members: Sergio DeSousa, director/chairman, Victor Rodrigues, director of indoor gym, Rui DeSousa, director of fitness center, John DeMoura, director of outdoor field, and Luis Diogo, co-director of outdoor field.

Mission Statement
The sports committee’s goal is to increase membership by offering new, exciting, sports activities, events, and tournaments to our members & their friends.

The first sports committee/association was created following the inauguration of the Portuguese Cultural Center in 2001 and formed by Tony DeMoura, Manny Coelho, Helena Abrantes, Joe Boa, and Angelo DaCunha. Their goal was to promote sports activities and events happening at the Center. One of the first projects undertaken by the first sports committee was the mural painting of the gymnasium. It was painted by volunteers and materials were paid with advertisements concealed within the mural. Besides improving the appearance of the gym, funds raised from that project were used to pay for a second project, a fitness room. The fitness room cost $27,000 in 2001 and funds to purchase the equipment were borrowed from several PCC members and paid interest free during the following four years.  Teams

Under the sports committee/association umbrella are four soccer teams: Danbury United Open age team, Danbury United over 30 age team, Danbury United over 40 age team and the Danbury United women's team. All four teams are self-managed, but follow the sports committee rules and regulations. Danbury United over 30 and Over 40 teams were created as an adult recreational team for our members, but have turned very competitive in recent years, participating in several national cups and finals. The Danbury United open age team was formed and functions as a semi-pro, competitive, travel team.

Yearly tournaments& Events 
Several tournaments and events take place in our center. All are open for members to participate and a few are available to non-members

  • Men indoor soccer tournament (over 35) – Early Winter
  • Men indoor soccer tournament (all ages)- Mid Winter
  • Women indoor soccer tournament ( all ages)- Mid Winter
  • Dodgeball tournament( all ages co-ed ) – Late Winter
  • Outdoor soccer tournament(over 30 co-ed) – Mid Summer
  • Annual ski trip – Mid Winter
  • Volleyball tournament ( all ages co-ed) – Late Winter
  • Zumba Fitness

The sports committee is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Portuguese Cultural Center fitness room, indoor gymnasium, outdoor soccer field, and parking lot advertising signs. In addition, the committee is responsible for sports event development ( i.e. indoor soccer tournaments, outdoor soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, dodge ball tournaments, zumba fitness classes, ski trips, etc.)

Facility rental
Sports facilities are available for member rental only, please contact or for more information.

Contact information
Please contact us if you’d like to be part of the sports committee, we’re continually looking for people to join our team.

For current information on sports events going on in the center please send an email to to receive “weekly event” e-mails. Also, refer to the sports committee calendar.

For more information about the Danbury United teams refer to their section under