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General Manager Job Description – Portuguese Cultural Center, Danbury CT

posted May 10, 2014, 3:57 AM by PCC Info

Job offering at the Portuguese Cultural Center.  For more information please refer to the job description attached.  All questions should be directed to info@portugueseculturalcenter.com.


Oferta de emprego no Centro Cultural Português.  Para mais informação dirija-se ao documento anexado.  Qualquer questão podera ser enviada para info@portugueseculturalcenter.com.

General Manager Job Description – Portuguese Cultural Center, Danbury CT

The General Manager (GM) is ultimately responsible for the entire day-to-day operation of the 
Portuguese Cultural Center (PCC) and reports directly to the President and Board of the Center. 
The GM will have the following direct reports: Kitchen Chef, Event Booking Coordinator, and the 
Supervisors of the Banquet Hall, Bar and Restaurant.

• Ensure adherence to the Portuguese Cultural Center By-Laws, Procedures, and Policies as 
• Create and implement job descriptions, work instructions and procedures for each position and 
area of responsibility, as needed.
• Hire, terminate, discipline and perform performance reviews for employees as necessary.
• Work directly with the Board Treasurer and the PCC Treasurer to monitor food inventory and 
labor costs, as well as modify/strengthen procedures to ensure proper control and adherence.
• Work together with the Food and Beverage Committee to propose, change, and if necessary 
implement prices with Board approval as well as ensure the quality of services and products.
• Manage and direct the kitchen operations and all department Supervisors.
• Work with each direct report to create an area budget for the following year which will then 
combined into an overall operational budget to be presented and approved by the PCC Board. 
• Ensure optimum member and guest satisfaction through proper communication and 
• Ensure that the ordering of food supplies and equipment are done properly and follow protocol.
• Direct, train and supervise all culinary personnel as necessary to ensure that consistently high 
quality of cuisine is achieved.
• Verify function set-ups for a variety of events (Hall A & B) and coordinate/communicate with 
banquet floor supervisor to ensure the success of each event.
• Measure effectiveness through Board and member feedback and financial results.
• Educate and coach service staff regarding menu specials and promotions to drive sales.
• Measure and monitor effectiveness and introduce changes in response to the market place.
• Carry out site safety inspections and safety awareness training.
• Ensure that proper safety, sanitation, and food standards are achieved in all areas of the 
Portuguese Cultural Center.

• College Degree “Associate or Bachelor” (Hospitality, Business or Management preferred).
• Five (5) or more years of experience in hospitality and staff management.
• Expertise in creating, implementing, and tracking to budgets. 
• Strong presentation and organizational skills.
• Strong team-building, motivation, leadership and interpersonal skills.
• Strong revenue generation and member connection skills.
• Very good oral and written communication skills.
• Ability to speak and write Portuguese a plus.
• Track record of successful community relations and involvement.
• Strong computer knowledge (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point preferred).

• Benefits, Base Salary (based upon experience) with bonus incentives tied to performance.